Attention Gamers: Citizen Conflict Brings Hero Shooter to the Metaverse

Citizen Conflict is a part of the Crypto Citizen’s mini games, which are Drag Races, Fighting Games and Citizen Conflict, a hero-based shooter game. Immerse yourself in the future of blockchain gaming and become the highest ranking Citizen.

Citizen Conflict Explained

Citizen Conflict is the newest addition to Crypto Citizen ecosystem, which is a hero-based multiplayer shooter game in which players are divided into two teams of five. It’s free-to-play and everyone can choose from a range of “heroes” in this game, which includes numerous game modes. There are 10 different districts, 50+ weapons, skins, masks, heroes and many other things that create the perfect gameplay.

Each hero has their own skill set, which determines their inherent qualities such as health points and running speed, primary attacks, a variety of active and passive skills, and an ultimate ability that can only be utilized after being charged by inflicting damage on enemies and healing allies. This hero shooter game will have a variety of game modes with the most immersive gameplay available to everyone!

Game Modes Explained

Citizen Conflict features several gameplays, including tutorials and practice modes against computer-controlled opponents, casual matchmaking, custom games, and competitive play. Game modes are generally centered around sequentially securing control of points on the map or escorting a payload between points on the map, with one team attacking while the other defends.

Other modes for casual matches include solo and team deathmatch, domination, assault, and unique modes run during various seasonal events. Regardless of winning or losing a match, players gain experience and receive loot boxes that contain cosmetics, new unique characters, special guns, gadgets, blueprints, skill points, and much more!

1. PvP mode

Player versus player (PvP) refers to a game designed for gamers to compete against other gamers rather than against the game’s artificial intelligence (AI). PvP games focus on various game modes to distinguish the game to create a more enjoyable experience for the users.

PvP — Free for all

Free-for-All, also known as “FFA” or “Deathmatch,” is a multiplayer mode featured in almost every main shooter game, which puts every player against each other.

PVP — Team deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a classic team-based game mode. The number of players is 4 vs. 4, with a time limit of 5 minutes. Teams need to score points by killing enemies. The team that scores the most points in 5 minutes is considered the winner.

PvP — Domination

2 teams of players face off against each other in a two-round match. First, capture and hold three objectives on the map to earn points on the scoreboard. The first team to reach 100 points will win the first round. After that, secure and hold specific points on the map to gain tickets — the team with the most tickets wins.

PVP — Warm up

Classic offline training shooting arena against harmless AI primarily used for warming up or improving aim skill before entering a regular match.

2. CO-OP mode

A cooperative video game, often abbreviated as a co-op, is a video game that allows players to work together as teammates, usually against one or more non-player character opponents (PvE). It is distinct from other multiplayer modes, such as competitive multiplayer modes like player versus player (PvP) or deathmatch.

Citizen Conflict’s co-op represents a “tower defense” playable mode whose goal is to protect a specific area from continuously incoming waves of enemies that are stronger in each wave.

3. Extraction mode

Players select certain items they want to bring into the match with the potential of gaining an X multiplier of the value of the projected items. However, if the player dies during the game, he loses the entire inventory of the items he brought into the match.

Once in-game, the players are given an extraction point on the other side of the map and must fight against other players and non-player characters to reach that point to escape.

Extraction — Battle Royale

It is an online multiplayer video game genre that blends last-man-standing gameplay with a survival game’s survival, exploration, and scavenging elements. Battle royale games involve hundreds of players who start with minimal equipment. Then they must eliminate all other opponents while avoiding being trapped outside a shrinking “safe area.” The winner is the last player or team alive.

NFTs and CyberCash

Citizen Conflict will offer a futuristic metaverse gaming experience that will be free-to-play for everyone. However, those who want to use the possibilities of web3 to the fullest can buy NFTs and earn CyberCash (CCASH) and other rewards.

Heroes, weapons, masks and many other things will be available as NFTs that you can use to earn CCASH, blueprints, loot boxes, etc. CyberCash allows you to buy all the NFTs you desire, so you better go get some.


Citizen Conflict is the most anticipated Hero Shooter on the blockchain with many gaming modes loaded with the most intense gameplay, heroes, weapons, masks, and much more! Get ready to conquer and rule the most immersive Metaverse game, citizens await.

About Crypto Citizen

Crypto Citizen introduces a new era of rule & earn gaming in NFT Metaverse. Set your destiny in the Metropolit city taking place in the year 2101 on the verge of technological revolution! The MMO world of CryptoCitizen allows you to live your dreams to the fullest. Establish a profitable business, build your factories, ride the hottest cars or visit the most lucrative clubs.

All of that in an open-world Metaverse, whether you plan to get your hands dirty or enjoy the luxury of capitalism. Take the advantage of a modular building system and transform your ideas into reality in a monetized sphere of the cryptocurrency world.

Respect is earned, not given. Take advantage of the unique reward system and get yourself to the top of citizen rankings! Join the nobles either by owning the exclusive citizen ID or by governing the city through the never-seen-before game economics model of CCASH, which brings you to the aristocracy of Metropolit city. CCASH represents a means to govern the Metropolit. It’s your choice if you plan to secure it legally, or not.

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