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Mr Rich Trade Race Manager
Mr Rich — Trade Race Manager

NFTs are booming and they showed a lot of popularity and sensation in the latest months. NFT is conquering various sectors surrounding us. Digital NFT artwork has taken off thanks to plenty of significant and influential sales. The main selling point of NFTs is their scarcity. A hidden benefit is that they will exist forever on the blockchain.

Non-Fungible Tokens are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. They are unique, indivisible, and non-interchangeable.

About TRM

Trade Race Manager (TRM) is the #1 ecosystem for gamers and traders. It is powered by Defi and NFTs to bring you lifetime rewards, that adds an element of gaming to make trading a fun experience.

With TRM, you can trade cryptocurrencies in a different way. Traders may bet on themselves and compete against each other in many trading contests, known as races with the unique blockchain tokens called non-fungible tokens which represent your racing car and much more.

Trade Race Manager NFT

The TRM core gameplay is based around collecting, use and trade of Non-fungible tokens while enjoying cryptocurrency trading. Trade Race Manager has already released NFTs — cars in several editions ( bronze, silver, gold and platinum) and tiers in limited numbers. The top benefit besides the possibility of winning the race is the incorporated staking function. The more NFT cars you have, the more staking reward you will get.

Mr. Rich

Mr Rich Trade Race Manager NFTs

Mr. Rich is a unique limited legendary avatar in the form of NFT. Each avatar is an unparalleled way of owning IOI tokens. The main benefit is that you can use your NFTs in-game, buy, sell and trade on open markets as well as your NFT vehicles.

The unique feature of NFT avatar is:

  • an affiliate bet turnover (ABT) earning you 2 % of each affiliate member your link brings
  • you will also gain 20 % of the price from each NFT any of your affiliate members buy.
  • Staking rewards

That means your investment can be recuperated in a very short time. LEGENDARY NFTs ability adding to all the legendary avatars skill of 18 % APY staking.

What is an ABT?

ABT is an abbreviation for Affiliate Bet Turnover. ABT means every bet your affiliate member makes you get 1 % from their bet back. This function is active for a lifetime of a user on the platform.

There is much more coming soon as the team works hard to bring you significant improvements, news, and game excitement.

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