Crypto Citizen As The Final Phase For CyberTrade

CyberTrade Explained

CyberTrade is a play-and-earn Metaverse game with a futuristic-looking city of Metropolit that’s waiting for people like you to conquer it. The city of Metropolit has been taken over by big corporations after a technological revolution and increased poverty pushed many people on the streets. Don’t wait up, pick a fighter in this MMO role-playing game (RPG), become the best, and earn CyberCash ($CCASH) in the process!

CyberTrade Metaverse game has its in-game cryptocurrency called CyberCash ($CCASH) that represents a currency of the future in the city of Metropolit. As a holder, you decide about the imminent actions taken in the development of Metropolit. The amount of $CCASH determines your Citizen Ranking and Governance Power and as a result, your faith and rights in the city!

CyberTrade is a Metaverse MMO, Play and Earn Role-Playing Game (RPG) built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with access to two types of game modes from the start: illegal drag races and fighting games. Later on, Crypto Citizen will be launched. The game will offer an open world next-gen AAA Sandbox gaming experience where players progress from poor suburbs all the way to the downtown of Metropolit.

Explore The Metropolit

Besides the three main components of the game (drag races, fighting games and Crypto Citizen), Metropolit will allow you to gather NFTs from bosses, collect resident taxes and stake or hodl $CCASH. This cryptocurrency of the future will allow you to live in CyberTrade and buy lands, construct buildings, control factories, conduct financial services, or simply drive the best cars. The possibilities of CyberTrade Metaverse will be truly endless.

Players will have to fight their way out of rough outlands and earn their way into luxurious skylines of downtown in Metropolit filled with fancy cars, businesses and $CCASH! There are 10 different districts in the game and they are accessible to players according to their Citizen Ranking. The whole Metropolit is waiting for players to build it and conquer it.

One of the notable long-term positive utilities of the token is its deflationary effect caused by burning tokens in the execution of all transactions that bring revenue to the game. CyberTrade supports long-term token price development by performing buybacks at a market price of 50% of the value of primary sales. Moreover, long-term holders can utilize various staking programs to lock token liquidity and participate in NFT land sales.

The Gameplay Of CyberTrade

Phase 1&2 in the CyberTrade will make it possible to explore District 1. Every player will have their own ID and will be able to be a part of Fighting Games (PvP fights), Drag Races, and loot “dungeons” in the metro station. Phase 3, the most important part of the game will come last, which is Crypto Citizen.

Fighting Games (PvP)

These PvP fights are turn-based kinds of games. If you want to play Fighting Games in CyberTrade, you need to have at least 3 bosses or fighters. There are different kinds of Fighters (e.g. Snitch, Gangster) and Bosses (e.g. Nero, Elektra) you can choose from, and use them to conquer the city! You will meet opponents with similar skill levels so the game is fair.

There are numerous strategies to win and you will be the one who has to figure them out. Choose from several techniques, combat styles, and weapons in your inventory to beat your opponent. If you give it your all, you can earn $CCASH daily and build your ultimate Metaverse.

Drag Races

The game starts with picking the NFTs you wanna play Drag Race with. You must have at least 2 NFTs to start — one avatar and one vehicle (e.g. Nightcrawler, Venom or Futura SS). Pick your driver, vehicle and you can start racing around the streets of Metropolit! Every vehicle has its own special attributes, looks, design and possible upgrade options.

When you have a driver and vehicle, you are ready to go and you will compete against other players with similar NFT assets and skill levels to keep the game transparent and fair. Now you just need to destroy your opponents with multiple techniques, such as nitro boosts, vehicle upgrades and your gaming instincts!

After you defeat your competition, you’ll earn $CCASH, level up and earn respect. You can build your inventory to become the real boss in the Metropolit and earn $CCASH on daily basis.

Crypto Citizen

Crypto Citizen is Phase 3 with a massive multiplayer online RPG, where players become citizens of the Metropolit city. It will contain a complete in-game ecosystem, where you can do all kinds of exciting things. You only need 1 character to start playing this game.

There are 3 syndicates in the city that are currently at war, and a player has to join one of them. Players will progress through 10 different districts, fighting other syndicates and making $CCASH. Moreover, it will be possible to build various structures in the city but the main goal is to become the most wealthy and dominate the Metropolit.

Players can experience an open world with high attention to detail and action-packed gameplay, where players get the feeling of uncertainty and fear. After progressing further in the game, the player should start to feel more powerful and you will basically become a hero from zero!

This game will be controlled from a 3rd person view in all directions in a 3D environment. Players can move freely in the city of Metropolit and explore it. There are multiple places where you can move vertically like getting on the top of a building or exploring the underground of Metropolit metro.

Play-to-earn gaming is revolutionary but almost in all cases, players need to invest in NFTs before they can play. The Crypto Citizen Portal feature will offer NFT enthuasits and gamers a chance to try out the game before investing a single penny! All you need to do is deposit some gaming NFT and you will get a rented metaverse avatar or vehicle for free which you can use to earn $CCASH.

Besides PvP fights, drag races, raids and much more, there is a Purge event in one district of Metropolit every week, where there are absolutely no rules! Players can loot and spread chaos all over the district where only the best Crypto Citizens survive. If you prefer anarchy all the time, The RugPull Zone is a special district where the Purge event runs 24/7.

CyberCash ($CCASH)

$CCASH is the cryptocurrency of the Metropolit that offers its players truly beneficial features. These features include Citizen Ranking, Governance Rights, Rewards System, Deflationary Function, Staking and other token utilities (explained later below).

The max supply of $CCASH is 1,000,000,000 tokens and only 12,000,000 of them (1.2%) will be released at the exchange listing. The token is ERC-20 and BEP-20 compatible and there are several CEX (centralized exchange) listings planned in the near future after the public sale and private allocation rounds.

Citizen Ranking

Every player has their own citizen rank in the range from 1–10 (10 is best). The higher the citizen ranking, the higher the power, access to different contents of the game, rare NFTs are more visible to you, you receive special NFT drops and a higher priority when voting.

Governance Rights

Players may earn Governance Rights, such as decision-making in the important stages of the games’ development, and these rights are based on the amount of $CCASH you own and stake. The higher the amount, the higher the governance rights you receive.

Rewards & Deflationary System

CyberTrade made sure to create fair and rewarding gameplay by redistributing 25% of the revenue to the player reward pool and 12.5% will be burned. Everyone will benefit from this setting and it will help the long-term price growth of $CCASH.

Moreover, CyberTrade supports long-term token price development by performing buybacks at a market price of 50% of the value of primary sales.

Staking & Other Token Utilities

Long-term holders of $CCASH can utilize various staking programs to lock token liquidity and participate in NFT land sales and earn passive income in CyberCash. The token will also connect the entire ecosystem of QORPO products (Wallet and NFT Marketplace) which will make access to all the products faster and easier.

CyberTrade Highlights

The last few months were essential for CyberTrade. Many new features, benefits and ground rules were added to the game, a lot of KOLs and partners have been acquired and most importantly, Metaverse is being developed 24/7 by the best team. The CyberTrade community has risen exponentially and many important events like Alpha Test are coming soon.

CyberTrade has many prominent partners and acquired $5 million in the private sale rounds. The main partners include names like Binance NFT, Binance Smart Chain, Firestarter, Maven Capital, Master Ventures, VBC, M6, ZBS, Halvings, Avstar, Gains Associates, BGA. CyberTrade also works with well-known marketing partners like Banter, El Churches and many more.

About CyberTrade

CyberTrade is an NFT based game built in full 3D Unity engine with its own Metaverse. Dominate the city in this revolutionary Play2Earn NFT Metaverse with your crime syndicate and become the Boss of all Bosses!

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