CyberTrade Alpha Test Coming Soon


A passionate investor and video creator (with more than 1.3 million subscribers) of one of the biggest US YouTube Channels mentioned CyberTrader in his video. Michael Suppo also mentioned CyberTrade in his video here.

Bounty program

Join the biggest bounty program for $50,000 on Bitcointalk and win! Follow the rules and fight for the ultimate prizes. Read more here.

Cybertrade Communities

CyberTrade already has a strong community, and lately, it got even bigger. The communities grew to countries such as Vietnam, Turkey, Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Spain. CyberTrade has almost 110,000 pre-registrations from all of these countries, and more. Together, we can build the best gaming community in the world.

You can find all the communities in this telegram channel.

CyberTrade Discord

Join our Discord if you want to stay updated at all times, and want to be a part of a number of challenges and giveaways. The group is growing faster than ever.

CyberTrade BinanceNFT Collaboration

We are proud to announce our upcoming collaboration with BinanceNFT who brings artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts together on the highest liquidity platform to create and trade NFTs. Just imagine what our collaboration means for the future of CyberTrade Metaverse!

New CCASH Website

CyberCash Web is live! Now you can find all the necessary information there. Read essential data about next-gen Metaverse governance token CCASH.

Alpha Testing Coming Soon

2021 has been the year of building for CyberTrade. However, we are close to the first Alpha Testing which you can be a part of. More info soon.

New Partners

CyberTrade doesn’t want to be alone in this world. Communities and partners are what make a project strong. Lately, we have partnered up with many strong individuals and companies, such as Cryptodiffer, zbs capital, cryptodaku, VB ventures, R-930 capital, EL Churches, Evan Luthra, Momentum6, Binance NFT, Coin Muhendisi.

CyberTrade Important Links

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