CyberTrade Is Now Officially Crypto Citizen

CyberTrade -> Crypto Citizen

CyberTrade is MMO RPG with its own metaverse, NFTs and in-game cryptocurrency called CyberCash ($CCASH) that’s launching this year. CyberTrade offers a triple-A gaming experience with the play-and-earn (P&E) model. The game consists of three phases called Illegal Drag Races, Fighting Games and Crypto Citizen. We have a huge community that resonates with Crypto Citizen the most, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re changing the name from CyberTrade to Crypto Citizen.

Dear community, from now on, CyberTrade has become Crypto Citizen and we are fully ready to rule the metaverse. Join the revolution.


The Next Chapter

Our mission as one of the pioneers of P&E gaming is to bring the most enjoyable and profitable gaming experience players have ever seen. In order to do that, we are moving to the next chapter by rebranding to Crypto Citizen in the midst of exceptional growth and support from our partners and community. Our company grew to a huge international gaming studio with more than 100 employees and a remarkable online presence, and that allows us to conquer this very competitive market.

The NFT gaming went mainstream in 2021 and many companies tried to build their ecosystems but failed to do so. Crypto Citizen is a months-in-progress game with amazing futuristic designs, and mainly, a long-term plan for NFT minting and tokenomics suitable for mass adoption for millions of users. Players will be able to profit on a long-term basis thanks to Crypto Citizen’s token-burning concept and buyback programs.

Most of all, Crypto Citizen will offer an open-world experience with tons of gaming perks. Players can buy, collect and sell avatars, cars, lands, items, buildings and more as NFTs. $CCASH will be a crucial tool to conquer the Metropolit (city of Crypto Citizen). Crypto Citizen will consist of 10 districts you can conquer, but there is one special district called The RugPull Zone, where there are no rules, and players can loot and spread chaos all over the district.

Most NFT Games require initial investment to enter. Crypto Citizen will change that forever with its Portal Feature. This benefit will allow the players to try out the game for free. You just need to deposit some gaming NFT and you’ll get a rented avatar that you can use to earn $CCASH! Crypto Citizen is full of unexpected perks that will change the gaming sector forever, so get ready to rule and earn.


Our biggest successes in the past few months were:

  • 3 IDOs happening on Polkastarter, Firestarter and Seedify (worth more than $1 million)
  • 2 sold out NFT sales on Binance and OKX in seconds (worth $80k+)
  • gigantic growth of the community
  • launch of Drag Races Alpha Test
  • hiring the best gaming developers from AAA companies (e.g. Blizzard, Ubisoft or EA Sports)
  • reaching 100 employees and becoming a huge international company
  • almost 200,000 followers on Twitter
  • more than 500,000 followers in total on all social media

Logo Update

The old is replaced by new. Now you can remember Crypto Citizen according to this logo.

Website Domain change

CyberTrade domain is no longer available and if you want to find out more about Crypto Citizen, go to

Beware of Scammers

Don’t trust or use any social links connected to CyberTrade/Crypto Citizen but only these ones listed below. These social sites are our main channels and there are also language telegram channels created for people from all around the world (e.g. Vietnam, China, Italy, Russia, etc.).

Our Social Media Sites



Telegram chat:

Telegram news:









About Crypto Citizen

Crypto Citizen is an MMO RPG with a futuristic cyber-like looking design. It’s an open-world adventure game built on Binance Smart Chain. Crypto Citizen Metaverse will offer a next-gen AAA sandbox gaming experience with endless possibilities. The game consists of three main phases called Drag Races, Fighting Games and the final, Crypto Citizen.

Become A Crypto Citizen

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