Fight And Race Crypto Citizens! The Alpha Test Starts Now!

Crypto Citizens! Are you ready?

The first Alpha Test for Drag Races has been successfully finished and players could try out the Crypto Citizen game for the first time ever. Now it will be even more engaging as we will launch two Alpha Tests at the same time; Drag Races 2.0 and PvP Fights 1.0. And there are rewards waiting for those who become true Crypto Citizens.

This Alpha Test is FREE TO PLAY for everyone! That’s right. You can play the most anticipated blockchain game for free in its second Alpha Test. AND…There are $5,000 rewards ready for its participants. Read more about rewards here.


If you want all the benefits that Crypto Citizen NFT holders have, you can still get our NFTs on a Binance NFT Market here.

Drag Races Alpha Test 2.0

We successfully finished the first Alpha Test for Drag Races and now it’s time for the second one. Now we’re going to do it big time! The launch of Drag Races 2.0 will simultaneously run with the first Alpha Test of PvP Fights. While the first Alpha Test was limited to NFT holders, this time it will be free to play for everyone and it will be running for 2 weeks (until 15/05/2022).

Come and compete with your fellow Crypto Citizens in the most advanced game environment on the blockchain and be among the winners of the $5,000 reward pool! Each race is 15 seconds long in this game, doesn’t matter if it’s a 1v1 or 1v7 race. Drag Races contain 4 tier cars (common, super, epic and legendary) with every one of them having different attributes.

At the start of the race, the player sets their “bonus” acceleration on a visual tachometer by pressing a button at a marked section while an indicator is moving back and forth across the dial of the “tachometer”. If the section is hit, this adds acceleration, but it is not easy to press the button in the correct spot as the indicator moves fairly quickly.

In the second part of the race, you need to shift gears while speeding up (there’s a tachometer at the bottom of your screen). A visually different tachometer with a green marked section appears on the screen, as the car’s speed increases, the indicator goes up (the pointer’s speed depends on the car’s acceleration).

The player needs to press the “shift gear” button at the exact moment when the indicator points to the marked section (good shift). That’s when the car continues to speed up on the next shift. If the marked section is not hit, the car’s acceleration decreases with the next shift. All cars have 7 default gears, therefore the player can shift only 6 times during one race, when shifted to the last gear, the car will gradually reach its maximal speed and continue racing at a constant velocity.

PvP Fights Alpha Test 1.0

These PvP Fights are turn-based kinds of fights, where you enter with 3 fighters or bosses. When entering a battle, there is an introduction played at the beginning to show you all of your 3 avatars and their stats, then your opponent’s stats. One of you who has the highest speed starts the fight, and the speed attribute also decides the order in which you attack fighters. The first one to lose his fighters loses the fight, so make sure you’re fast too because each turn takes up to 10 seconds to complete.

If you don’t make your move in time, it will be skipped. You and your opponent start the 1st round with 2 energy points per hero out of 10 (that is the max value). Each round, you receive 2 energy points to spend for every hero. This energy can also be saved (if you skip your turn) until you have 10 and it use it once, or you spend the energy by using your abilities while each ability can be used only once every turn.

There are 3 game modes active in PvP Fights:

  • Classic: 3v3 fight, no modifications, each turn takes 10 seconds and players receive 2 energy points (only this gaming mode will be available in the Alpha Test)
  • Fast Fight: 3v3 fight, each turn takes 5 seconds and players receive 2 energy points
  • Double Energy: 3v3 fight, each turn takes 10 seconds and players receive 4 energy points

There are 2 kinds of avatars in Crypto Citizen; Fighter and Boss. Every Boss is automatically a member of a certain Syndicate with significant benefits. A Fighter can also join a Syndicate to get a Syndicate weapon later on, but it’s not done automatically. Each syndicate has advantages over other players when using a syndicate weapon as 15% more damage will be added to a specific attack.

There are 5 genetic elements and each of them gives you some form of advantage against your opponent. When it’s your turn to fight, you’ll see a white or orange target on your enemy. The orange one indicates an advantage you have in the following attack, while the white one shows there’s no special advantage added.

Alpha Test Rewards

$$$ Rewards

We appreciate our NFT holders and that’s why we prepared more benefits for you. Those who will play the Alpha Test and own a Crypto Citizen NFT can partake in a $3,000 rewards pool. The whole sum of $3,000 will be split among the 25 best players.

The TOP 5 players will earn the highest rewards of 400, 200, 150, 125,125 BUSD, and the other 20 TOP players will get 100 BUSD. Every Fighter and Racer will earn XP points for winning rounds and the amount of XP will determine your position on the leaderboard at the end of the Alpha Test. But wait…there are also rewards for those who just came to try out the game without owning any NFT.

Crypto Citizen is a months-in-progress game, however, we realize there might be some mistakes we didn’t notice. That’s why we’ll reward everyone who reports bugs that should be fixed. There will be a bug bounty of $2,000 split amongst 20 bug hunters. Happy hunting!

Loot Boxes

Gamers can also win loot boxes that will contain many different exciting items (but this will only be a testing phase so you can see how it will work when the game officially launches). There will be common, super, epic, legendary, and mythical Cyberpacks that you can get your hands on. The bigger the rarity of the loot box, the higher the rewards inside!

Common Cyberpacks are the most…well…common, with the least rewards while mythical loot boxes are the rarest. The boxes contain several digital assets and items, such as cash (in-game currency), CCASH, NFT cars or fighters. And this will all be running on the blockchain!


If you want to be eligible to win from the $3,000 rewards pool, get your NFT from Binance here!

Important Note

In order to participate in the $3,000 rewards, you must prove you own our NFT. If you own a Crypto Citizen NFT and it’s deposited in the QORPO Market, you are ready to play.

If you already have a Crypto Citizen NFT but it’s not in the QORPO Market, follow this guide on how to deposit it into the game. See you in the Metropolit!

How To Join The Alpha Test

  1. Visit → click on Register in the top right corner.

2. Fill in the details and create an account.

3. Enter the verification code from your email address.

4. Download the latest game for your OS! If you have an older version than Windows 10, download Windows 10 anyway. In case you’re a Macbook user, download one of the choices on the left.

If you’re a Windows user, you can continue to Step 5. However, Mac users need to allow the computer to download the game first. Then the first window will pop up, just click okay. After that, go to system preferences, security & privacy, and then click open anyway as shown in the picture below.

5. Unzip your downloaded file.

6. Run CryptoCitizen.exe.

7. Log in to the game with your account.

8. Congratulations, you have successfully logged in to the game!


The second Alpha Test is here and it’s an amazing opportunity for gamers and NFT enthusiasts to test out Crypto Citizen’s gameplay for real! Alpha Tests are short events full of rewards, so don’t hesitate, explore the dirty streets of Metropolit and become a part of the future of gaming that’s happening right now!

About Crypto Citizen

Crypto Citizen introduces a new era of rule & earn gaming in NFT Metaverse. Set your destiny in the Metropolit city taking place in the year 2101 on the verge of technological revolution! The MMO world of CryptoCitizen allows you to live your dreams to the fullest. Establish a profitable business, build your factories, ride the hottest cars or visit the most lucrative clubs.

All of that in an open world Metaverse, whether you plan to get your hands dirty or enjoy the luxury of capitalism. Take the advantage of a modular building system and transform your ideas into reality in a monetized sphere of the cryptocurrency world.

Respect is earned, not given. Take advantage of the unique reward system and get yourself to the top of citizen rankings! Join the nobles either by owning the exclusive citizen ID or by governing the city through the never-seen-before game economics model of CCASH, which brings you to the aristocracy of Metropolit city. CCASH represents a means to govern the Metropolit. It’s your choice if you plan to secure it legally, or not.

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