Our incredible path from TGE until now. See the events we made and impact on $IOI Token.

Dear community,

we do each of our events to support our community and our $IOI token. With each event, more and more people trust our company and our mission. The proof of this is the following chart, which shows how the price of a token moves due to your reactions to each major event. It just proves that we are gaining more and more trust. See the statistics from TGE until NOW. In this report you will see how the fundamental news and product development impact IOI Token price overtime.

Pre- listing statistics

Token price: 0.4 $

Marketcap: 960 000 $

Daily volume change: 0$

Token price change: 0%

Marketcap change: 0%

$IOI Locked in NFTs: 103 200 $IOI

$IOI Locked in NFTs change: 0%

Number of users: 115 000

NFT sales in USD: 43 000 $

NFT sales in USD change: 0%

Staking: 19 257 $IOI

11.6.-11.7.2021 — TIME FRAME 1 — TGE -TGE+1

12.6. —Event 1 — 15 days growth of $IOI Token starting

We worked hard to bring the most to our community. Not only the best products and NFTs but also high-quality Token Economics that will change the game and bring to our holders much more value and utility!

12.6. — Event 2 — 25% of supply will be burned!

Trade Race Manager is already one of the most played apps in the entire blockchain economy. A lot of revenues we generated is going to help our community, our community’s success is our priority. We are conducting a token metrics re-assessment per which 25% of the token supply will be burned.

15.6. —Event 3 — $250,000 $IOI BuyBack campaign

IOI 15 days of growth started Huge with 25% of supply burn, and now Massive BuyBack worth 250,000 USD! “Our buyback program highlights the $IOI team’s firm belief in our native token’s prospects and further incentivizes crypto community to share our view,” Rastislav Bakala, CEO.

15.6. — Event 4 — New advisor

$IOI led the way in innovation on Polygon, with tens of thousands of trade racers. We announced our new advisor, the Head of Gaming at Polygon — Shreyansh Singh. This close involvement helps IOI tap into Polygon’s network, ecosystem resources, and acquire highly valuable exposure in Polygon’s deposits.

15.6. — Event 5 — NFT Burn

The first product in our roadmap — Trade Race Manager has already generated $500,000 in revenue over the last month.12.5M IOI tokens, worth $14,000,000 burned. This historic token burn is the first part of a token economy boost. A revenue-driven buyback and LP farm to ignite volume and liquidity will follow.

6.7. — Event 6 — New Gameplan annoucement

Get an NFT car once and race for huge rewards forever. Guaranteed prize pools UP to 10 $IOI every 10 minutes for NFT Holders and a special NFT tournament for 100 $IOI every day. Free race every 2 minutes!

6.7. — Event 7 — Prize Pool Upgrade to 3000 $IOI every month

3000 $IOI for best teams and racers every month! Most unique NFTs with 5000% APY. Max. 200 players. All these updates were announced for the upcoming new game plan. Each month Premium Members are playing for 2 000 $IOI with their teams and 1000 $IOI for the top 10 racers. Special Premium offer with free NFT car and avatar.

8.7. — Event 8 — New Gameplan LIVE

Players earn 1500 $IOI every day. Prize pools guaranteed for NFT & NON NFT races. Great rewards exclusively for Premium members: Premium members start a Season and compete for 3000 $IOI every month. 2000 $IOI with their TOP 3 teams in Season Leaderboard. 1000 $IOI for the overall TOP 10 racers in Season Leaderboard. Best racer of each season play special end of the YEAR tournament for Ultra Rare Custom NFT car.

Free members with NON NFT car race for GTD prize pool 0.28 IOI every 2 minutes. NFT Holders race for GTD prize pools up to 10 $IOI every 10 min. Daily special NFT tournament for 100 $IOI for NFT holders only.

Buy any of common to legendary NFT collection and get FREE Rare NFT. Lifetime TRM CONTEST starts 1st August!

TG — TG+1 statistics

Token price: 0.89 $

Marketcap: 2 901 000 $

Daily volume change: 150 000 $

Token price change: +123%

Marketcap change: +202%

$IOI Locked in NFTs: 256 560 $IOI

$IOI Locked in NFTs change: +148,6%

Number of users: 170 000

NFT sales in USD: 122 500$

NFT sales in USD change: +184,8%

Staking: 22 116 $IOI

11.7.-11.8. — TIME FRAME 2 — TGE+1 -TGE+2

14.7. — Event 9 — Biggest NFT Competition announcement

Did you know that in August you can get real TESLA model S or 40K worth of IOI Tokens just by playing Trade Race Manager? 1st place — TESLA or cash price of 40K USD in form of $IOI. 2nd place — Macbook Pro. 3rdplace — iPhone 12 Pro MAX.

14.7. — Event 10 — Tesla NFT drop

We made a Tesla NFT drop, due to Tesla Competition. Just Tesla NFT owners can join this tournament. Even if they don’t have a staking function, these cars are a really good deal! 50 $IOI for one. And you will have them forever, not just during Tesla Competition.

21.7. — Event 11 — 30.000 IOI Trading competition with KuCoin

To celebrate the launch of the first Tesla tournament of IOI (which will be held from August 1, 2021, to August 31, 2021), KuCoin, together with the IOI team, will be holding a warm-up campaign to give away a total of 15 KuCoin Special Limited Bundles (NFT) and 30,000 IOI to all qualified KuCoin racers.

23.7. — Event 12 — Marketing campaign start

YouTube campaign in Philippines increased our market. The Trade race manager welcomes the 20 000 new racers that joined our IOI Army today, which made a 100% increase in users.

27.7. — Event 13 — New partnerships, collaborations and advisors

A lot of new partnerships like Polygon, Ignition, Daomaker, Dapp.com, Dapp Stats, State of the Dapps, Blockchain Game Alliance, Dapp Radar. Collaborations with Monika Chochlíková and Separ. Shreyansh Singh, Kenzi Wang, and ASH WSB as our new advisors. This was just the beginning.

27.7. — Event 14 — New Road Map

Road map with all the products and plans of the IOI Team. This road map brings confidence to community to buy $IOI Token. See the details here.

5.8. — Event 15 — 3X Rewards

A lot of new players joined Trade Race Manager due to the Tesla Competition which was live from the 1st of August. We also revealed the new reward system which was live from this day. Rewards up X3 and 10% of players win in every race. A premium membership in the $IOI team for 30 days for ALL new players and leverage 2x is back!

5.8. — Event 16 — New players due to Tesla Competition

As Tesla Competition started, a lot of new players from all around the world joined the Trade Race Manager.

5.8. — Event 17 — CoinTelegraph article

CoinTelegraph made an article about our project, which helps people all around the world to earn by playing a game. “IOI helps people from areas where Covid-19 made it difficult to sustain their social status to earn IOI Token only with their mobile phone and make life a little easier” IOI CEO Rastislav Bakala. Find more here.

10.8. — Event 18 — Big NFT Burn

We have burned 90% of all NFTs in Traderacemanager! This decrease in supply was a huge increase in rarity! Last month of a chance to buy classic NFT with staking function on. Every competition race 10% of all players get the rewards!

Rewards with NFT rarity in comparison to non NFT:

Common 10x — Super 20x — Epic 40x — Legendary 80x — Legendary rare 120x

TG+1 — TG+2 statistics

Token price: 1.78 $

Marketcap: 5 802 000 $

Daily volume change: 1 596 000 $

Token price change: +100%

Marketcap change: +100%

$IOI Locked in NFTs: 440 710 $IOI

$IOI Locked in NFTs change: +71,7%

Number of users: 385 000

NFT sales in USD: 233 500 $

NFT sales in USD change: +90,6%

Staking: 23 514 $IOI

11.8.-11.9. — TIME FRAME 3— TGE+2-TGE+3

12.8. — Event 19 — Growth of the last three months

We compared three months ago and today and the numbers were fantastic!

Rewards increased 3x

Followers increased by 70%, from 25,000 to 85,000

The user base increased by 665%, from 32,000 to 213,000

Session increased by 800%, from 52,000 to 417,000

The race starts increased 1160%, from 59,000 to 685,000

Pageviews increased by 1295%, from 346,000 to 4,480,000

16.8. — Event 20 — 430% increased in NFT sales

NFT Sales Skyrocketed This Month to 430% From the Last Month. We sold more NFTs yesterday than in our first month of existence! With the new reward system, you can earn back your investment in a few days. Playing games was never more profitable than now.

18.8. — Event 21 — Historically biggest BUYBACK!

A few days ago, we spoke about our massive success. We used the revenue to support our community and the IOI token. Our buyback program highlights that IOI is different from 99.9% of crypto projects.

21.8. — Event 22 — IOI Wallet LIVE

Whole IOI ecosystem in one place. IOI Wallet. All NFTs will be available here for everyone who would like to buy, transfer or deposit them. Limited edition of NFTs available ONLY in the wallet. More NFTs like music, art, game items coming soon. All the benefits will be known soon!

21.8. — Event 23 — Marketplace update

The exclusive $IOI NFT marketplace is coming fast in Q3! Revolutionary Staking program. NFT sales and auctions. $IOI Holder loyalty program. IOI Liquidity and Ecosystem boost. Buyback program support and much more!

23.8. — Event 24 — Last chance for staking!

The staking is ending, and there are nine days left for the staking benefits. The staking feature is a must-have. Passive income up to 140 $IOI weekly. Get up to 24% APY. High rarity. After the 31st of August, there will be NO chance to buy new cars with this feature. You better hurry up and grab one of them for yourself!

25.8. — Event 25 — Holder program for IOI Wallet update

Store your $IOI Tokens and get rewards. The unique HOLDER PROGRAM is coming to your $IOI Wallets! Find the whole $IOI ecosystem in one place and enjoy all the benefits you can get. You will choose from a wide range of rewards. Available soon for every user of the $IOI Wallet.

TG+2 — TG+3 statistics

Token price: 3.06 $

Marketcap: 29 974 000 $

Daily volume change: 2 980 000 $

Token price change: +71.9%

Marketcap change: +71.9%

$IOI Locked in NFTs: 691 560 $IOI

$IOI Locked in NFTs change: +56,9%

Number of users: 385 000

NFT sales in USD: 301 000 $

NFT sales in USD change: +28,9%


We are happy that our journey is going UP with every new month and what is the best — THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING! THE MAJOR ANNOUCEMENT IS COMING SOON!

Important links:

Trade Race Manager

IOI Token

IOI Wallet








QORPO is an international game studio focusing on connecting gaming with Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs. Main Products-QORPO ID, Market, TRM 2 & Crypto Citizen.

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QORPO is an international game studio focusing on connecting gaming with Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs. Main Products-QORPO ID, Market, TRM 2 & Crypto Citizen.

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