Historically biggest buyback, updates from IOI world and $IOI token info.

Dear Players

Another week is behind us and as usual, we bring you our weekly report on what we have achieved over the last few days. Let’s see what’s new.

This week was a turning point for us because we made a historically biggest buyback!

Buyback of 1.5 million USD from private investors with OTC deal to put $IOI Token to the moon!

Our goal is to stabilize the price of token, the HODL program, and ultimate rewards.

And as you already know, we always want more and we do everything to support our community and token, we decided to add 500 000 USD as a bonus, to the liquidity on CEX and DEX!

Buyback resulted in a token boost of over 40% in a matter of few hours. A lot of positive information about IOI's upcoming products soon.

Our IOI MEME competition is still running and there are still a few days left for you to participate.

We will divide 1000 USD among the top 10 memes and the best one will win R8 NFT on top. Creativity and a sense of humor have never paid off more than with our MEME competition!

Don’t wait and show us what’s inside you. The competition ends 15th of September. More info here.

If you are creative and want to win, our National TRM Team competition is still on and there is a possibility of becoming a Team Owner or Team Manager of your country’s National TRM Team — you just have to make a YouTube video about Trade Race Manager and IOI Corporation and have at least 1000 views. The best one of each country will become Team Owner and the second one will be Team Manager.

More info about competition and benefits of Team Owner or Manager find here.

The First Teaser and release of Whitepaper for CyberTrade are finally here!

We are going to delight every fan of NFT games. Watch the trailer and read all about the gameplay, economy, and much more!

If you think this is our finish, you’re wrong! The major announcement is still coming to you guys and we promise, you will love it!

Don’t wait and join our IOI World!

Team IOI

Important links:

Trade Race Manager

IOI Token

IOI Wallet







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