Join TRM 2 Alpha Test&Win 50,000 USD & Free NFTs

What’s Trade Race Manager 2 (TRM2)

More information about TRM 2 Alpha Test is here.

What’s New in TRM2

There are new tracks situated all around the world with new fuel strategies and fueling possibilities. The payouts for owners and managers are improved. The prize pool for every race is 14 $IOI and what’s left not paid out goes to the manager and owner. Being an owner or manager was never more lucrative than now!

There are new models of cars and racers fully in 3D and totally new UI with 3D environments that have never been seen before. TRM2 has a brand new redesigned marketplace serving your needs as a rich racer! The game has 4 types of NFTs in total: cars, tracks, avatars and boats.

The schedule for the upcoming months is more than full right now, and TRM2 will take the online racing world by storm! After the Alpha test is successful, there will be a beta test date announced for registered users who get access to special TRM2 NFT. There will be new types of vehicle NFTs, track NFTs, nitro boost, and many more exciting features you can try out.

Alpha Testing Offers Free NFTs & 10,000 $IOI (Approximately $50,000!)

10,000 $IOI (currently around $50,000) will go to the best 16 users: 10 racers, 3 owners and 3 managers. The testing period will last from 1.12. to 31.12. and the best players with the highest garage value (IOI tokens combined with value in NFTs) are going to be the ones that win the prize.

Remember, if you want to be eligible for playing TRM 2, you need to have at least 100 $IOI in your Qorpo wallet or Trade Race Manager account. After that, you’ll receive 10,000 $IOI as a demo account balance which you can use to buy NFTs, race and try out the whole game.

How & Where to Download TRM2

  1. Go to

2. Fill out the registration form

3. Verify your identity with your email address

4. After you successfully register, you can download TRM 2 for Windows or macOS

Install For macOS

Step 1. First of all, open the file.

Step 2. Then macOS will show you possible malicious software but don’t worry, it is safe. Follow us on the next step.

Step 3. Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy.

Step 4. In this step, the system will show you it blocked TRM2 and you just need to click “open anyway”.

Step 5. Now, you just need to finally click open.

Step 6. You are ready to play!

Install For Windows

Step 1. First of all, open the file.

Step 2. Extract the file.

Step 3. Choose the extraction path.

Step 4. Then you should have a TRM2_alpha folder.

Step 5. You can find the app inside the folder, and start enjoying the game!

Summarized key information

  • TRM2 app will be available on PC for Windows and macOS
  • You need to hold 100 $IOI to participate
  • Those with the biggest value accumulated in $IOI tokens and NFTs will be the winners of $10,000 IOI tokens


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