Meet the Player Episode 12: ClayWTF

TRM community manager as one of the most famous TradeRacers

Hello TradeRacers!
Today we are going to talk with well-known TRM community manager, who is also one of the most famous TradeRacers in our TRM community. Welcome in this interview!

Tell us something about yourself. Who you are, where are you from and what do you do in real life?

Hey everyone, nice to meet you! Maybe all of you already know about me, yes this is our support community “Ryza Aditya S” from Indonesia or you know me as ClayWTF in the game. Currently I just graduated from my college and now start working with TRM2 team, I started as crypto enthusiast since 2017 until now and also an active member on Bitcointalk with high ranking member.

You are very well-known as a Trade Race Manager community manager. How did you start with this job and why?

I’m started working as community manager on TRM2 because during the bounty tester of Trade Race Manager I really active on the chat and seem like have more knowledge about the game comparing other people.
The team decide to contact me and offering me a jobs to handle community and become moderator. They give me a chance to help people in the chats regarding Trade Race Manager topic.

Did you start play TRM before you started work as a community manager or after that?

Yes I play Trade Race Manager bounty tester game is release before working as community manager, so I also one of user from early project who waiting the game bounty tester is launch.

How many $IOI can you earn daily?

If I'm really on-fire and can make some a nice prediction crypto market, I make more than 100 $IOI/days and most average earning around 15/20 to 30 $IOI/days.

What are your best TradeRacing tips for best racing?

Only 2 world from me : See the CHART & PRICE movement percentage in the lowest time frame chart or you can come into the chat and see a few advice from famous racer maybe you can copy their technique.

What would you add into the game?

Customization your own cars like design and skin, booster and some new cools feature race with Open-World #Metaverse TRM2 like Forza Horizon Race.

As you also working on the developing TRM2 project, do you think it will be really better and more revolutionary than TRM1 and if yes, why?

Since, I’m beta tester game the development progress is amazing. The developer and team always hear the feedback from community and racer, they always one step ahead from us. TRM2 is one of the proof, amazing update with such a few new feature especially 3D Race.

Who is your favorite TRM racer?

There so many good race in the platform, but for my favorite racer is “DennBroMM & Farat” both of them really a good racer and awesome community. If everyone want to know, “Farat” make a giveaway from their own token with total 1,000 $IOI on Team ALT Group.

What would you say to TRM community as motto?

“Keep your faith higher because we have a great team & community”

Thank you for your time Ryza! We appreciate your hard work for the whole TRM community and we are so glad to have you in our team! We also wish you a lot of luck with TradeRacing and in your personal life! ☺️



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