Meet the Player Episode 13: MAAManda

Another famous community admin as one of the most famous TradeRacers in TRM community

Hello TradeRacers!
Hope you had the amazing weekend! We are bringing you the another great interview with our community admin and TradeRacers, known as MAAManda. Let's go!

Tell us something about yourself. Who you are, where are you from and what do you do in real life?

As You All Know That Guys, I’m MAAManda 😁, Just like Ryza, I’m from Indonesia.

What do you do in real life?

I do nothing but enjoy living with my family at home, my real life being in cyberspace, being a supporter for several potential crypto projects and being on the marketing side for a local crypto community.

You are well-known as a Trade Race Manager community admin. How did you find this work and why did you want to do it?

I found out about TRM for the first time through the Bitcointalk Forum and at that time there was another user who offered me a job as an Admin in the TRM community, it didn’t take me long to find out things in TRM.

Why did you want to do it?

GameFi was very new to me at the time and I felt challenged to know more about it as an admin and help community members

At first, did you play TRM and then become the community admin, or firstly you were community admin and then you started play TRM then?

Got a job offer and started learning TRM before I actually took a job as an Admin at TRM.

How many $IOI can you earn daily?

Previously I could earn 1 to 2 $ioi, but I don’t play all the time 😆 FYI guys, i have a bag of $IOI tokens to hold for long-term, Because I firmly believe that the real price of $IOI will really be seen in the long run.

Could you tell us some TradeRacing tips you use?

Follow the flow, if I see a bullish chart, I will choose to go long and when I see a bearish chart, I will choose to go short

What would you like to add in the game to make it better or more interesting?

If we talk about the Metaverse, I really want to see an open world system and be able to customize cars, like NFS Underground or NFS Most Wanted 😍

What do you think are the biggest benefits of the whole new TRM2?

Just two words, TRM BRAIN 😎👍🏻

Do you have your favorite TradeRacer?

Farat, I really like this racer, I’ve seen his performance on TRM1 and can’t wait to see his performance on TRM2. Apart from Farat, I also have Meradil and Venz in my favorite racers 😂

What would you say to TRM community as motto?

This motto comes from one of Thailand’s successful entrepreneurs. If you’re a racer on TRM2 or an $IOI token holder:
“ Don’t Lose Your Courage No Matter What, Because If We Give Up, The Game Is Over “ — Top Ittipat

That's all for today! Thanks a lot MAAManda for this interesting interview and for your time! We appreciate it and your work for the TRM community. Wish you all the best!

Trade Race Manager 2 (TRM 2) is a Trade Racing Simulator where players race and earn cryptocurrencies in the process. TRM 2 is a revolutionary 3D racing game with a graphically-intense environment. TRM 2 is the next generation of P2E NFT gaming with its own Metaverse and endless possibilities.
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