Meet the Player Episode 3: jcmontyyy

Welcome everyone to the third episode of “Meet the Player”

Today I invited jcmontyyy from Team NFT, one of the best players right now on the track. Jcmontyyy thanks for making time for us.

Could you tell me more about yourself?

I am a full-time PHP Web Developer based in Taiwan. It was in 2019 when I got interested in crypto trading. Normally, I only do my tradings in the stock market and focus on my real estate investments.

My trading career has had highs and lows and I learned so much in Crypto World. I’ve been liquidated multiple times in Futures and it taught me how to develop my trading skills. Now I am using it here in TRM.

When did you first start playing Trade Race Manager?

Last week of July 2021.

How did you learn about the game?

I bought IOI tokens because I thought they would have a good potential based on my technical analysis. Then after 4 days, my investment became 2x. I am thinking to sell my tokens at that time. But before selling it, I did a review of the projects behind the IOI Tokens and that is the time I discovered the TRM.

In short, I still hold the IOI token and this is the only token I hold for the longest time. I am a day trader, but I saw IOI as a long-term investment.

What made you invest in the game?

The game itself made me curious about how to incorporate the game in trading. I am amazed because of the game mechanics, it is just like trading, but in a different form.

In addition, I saw the Tesla Event and I’m attracted to its mechanics. If I will deposit 1000 IOI tokens then I will have a free Tesla NFT so I did, I deposited some of my tokens from DEX to TRM and now I’m addicted to playing, This game has so much to offer.

How much time do you spend playing daily?

I spend 10 to 12 hours playing and I also play while I'm at work.

How much $IOI do you make daily in TRM on average?

Average of 25 IOI daily.

What is one thing that you would want to add to Trade Race Manager?

Adding attributes or benefits to Racer NFT’s.

Could you tell us a tip on how to become better at the game?

Just enjoy the game, always look for a better strategy. Don't exhaust yourself if you are not winning take it slowly and you will get familiar with the Fuels/Crypto.

You are very active as an artist for Qorpo Market. Do you see yourself more as an artist rather than a player?

I see myself as a player, but Qorpo Market offers opportunities that everyone can participate. I trust this project and I will continue to share my talent to support the team and its project.

How did you build your NFT collection?

First I conceptualize the design, then I draw it on paper, after that I use Adobe Illustrator for vectoring the art I draw. It took me 8 hours to finish 1 art.

I already made 6 Team art logo and Im planning to do more.

Art in the making — Source: jcmontyyy

Who do you think is the Best Trader in Trade Race Manager in the community?

Farat and Jose.

What would you like to say to the community?

Spread love and peace, we are one community here, even though we are on different teams, we must help each other and treat everyone with respect and kindness.

and lastly don’t sell your effin tokens!

Thank you to jcmontyyy for the interview. We are going to see you shortly with a new episode of “Meet the Player”.



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