Meet The Player — Episode 6 : Venz0011

Hello TradeRacers and welcome in the next part of Meet the Player! Today we are going to tell you the story about Venz0011 and his TradeRacing. At first, thank you Venz0011 for your time. You all enjoy the interview below!

Hello Venz0011! Could you tell us some basic informations about you?

Hi , my name is Mark but actually you may call me Venz. ☺️ My TRM nickname is Venz0011 and I race for the team NFT.
In real life I'm married and I have two wonderful daughters, Ryza and Alexa. I will be forty years old this January, so better be ready for my giving me some gifts haha. I am working as Aircon service provider here in Manilla, and the name of my company is Venz refrigeration and airconditioning services ( that's where the “Venz” came from.) Its a family business and I inherited it from my family and continue giving services here in Manilla.

Trading is really not my strong side, so understanding the TRM game is frustrating at first and I'm still learning. Big thanks to my friends here and my team mates my second family team NFT!

When did you start playing Trade Race Manager and what was the reason?

As far as I remember I started playing TRM is last week of July. I tried it first as Venz with a blue car only with my friends and Ihave no team yet. And I dont know whats gonna happen because im new in play to earn games, this is my first one I play.

How much time do you spend playing daily?

When I'm not busy at work sometimes I race even without chart just trying to see what others are always putting. I might say I was playing from 10 to maximum 18 hours per day when I first started playing TRM.

How much $IOI do you make daily in TRM on average?

TRM has new updates on game but before that I make from 15 to 20 $IOI daily, and possible addition when I have a luck on my side and I won some tournaments…

Your racing story is a little bit unusual. You were blocked multiple times by our devs. Could you tell us what was the reason and what happened?

Yes it is, and it's a long story. 😁 I know this game is new and dev and the Qorpo team is upgrading it every day to avoid all the problems and make it better for the community. At first I played this game I created account name Venz, that's my original one. The first day was OK. I earn about 0,5 $IOI per day with a blue free car and I have no team. I was limited to 50 races per day. Then I decided to buy a premium membership as I saw it on Facebook that there's a discount for the premium memberships for new players. At this point the missunderstanding started.
I create a new account and I didn't know that it's not allowed. I called Venz0011 and I was automatically ad to the team IOI. I raced hard to earn 3–5 $IOI just with the bacis blue car and my target was 50 $IOI by the end of the month. My first ban came just before the month ended. I feel down when I saw my account deactivated because I felt my hard work was a waiste of time. I asked admins and CEO and tell them about my problem. They knew that I'm new in the game so they allowed me to play. After that I became the member of the team NFT.
My problems were continued. I had 2 Tesla cars and the basic blue one. I raced with them but until the end of the next month, I was banned again. But this time, the problem was the Tesla car. Someone gave me one Tesla car just like that. Maybe because they saw my hard work in TRM. (Big thank you to you, who sent me that car!) The devs found that this transaction was clear and I was allowed to play again! Thank to admins Maamanda , David , Ryza and boss of the Qorpo devs Sir Boris and all the team, especially the Sir CEO.

What would you add into this game?

More camaraderie? I guess , playing and earning is great, but being friendly is the key, even if we all are different.

What is your tip for the new players or the beginners to become better at the game?

After what happened to me, the main point si to know all the rules of the game. Don't use multiple accounts, don't play 24 hours, and don't play with multiple IP addresses. Work hard, play and earn and don't break the rules!

Who is your favorite TRM racer?

My favorites are Jose and Meradil. They were my first idols when I started race. And as a person, I like Kevin Charms, the owner of the team NFT. He believed in me from the zero.

What would be your “motto” for the TRM community?

“Playing plus earning is great , but playing, earning and having new friends is much better 💪!”
Big shoutout to my family, team NFT and all my friend from the TRM community. Thanks to whole TRM team too! God bless you! peace.

Thank you Venz0011 again! Tell us how do you like this story in the comments in TRM chat. See you soon in the next episode of Meet The Player!




QORPO is an international game studio focusing on connecting gaming with Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs. Main Products-QORPO ID, Market, TRM 2 & Crypto Citizen.

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QORPO is an international game studio focusing on connecting gaming with Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs. Main Products-QORPO ID, Market, TRM 2 & Crypto Citizen.

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