Meet the Player Episode 8 : Jose539

One of the most famous TradeRacers and the winner of Tesla Competition

Welcome TradeRacers!
Today we have another episode of Meet the Player and our guest is nobody else than popular Jose539! Everyone who is in TRM from the times of Tesla Competition, knows this TradeRacer. So let's start!

Hello, my name is Osmel but my TRM nickname is jose539. It’s a curiosity, this name was surged like a suggestion of google while I was making my account. I’m 40 years old and I’m Master in Science and Technology of the Foods, due to the covid pandemic and economic problems of my country, in September 2020 I decided to enter in the crypto world.

I was looking for good crypto projects in November 2020. I found a YouTuber: CryptoDex, thanks to him I know about TRM. Since first day of playing, this project seemed very interesting and I put in it all my effort and trust. In the beginning I didn’t devote much time to the game, I think only about 30 minutes a day but in April I started to understand it and by the end of May I was ready to explode. I also became the manager of the NFT team.

The earning is very complicated. My daily earning depends on the rest of my mind. Nn the average from 40–50 $IOI, it including the tournaments. Some days just 20 $IOI and some days 70 $IOI, some days I’m out but some days I’m activated and I’m hard in the races, like I said, it depends of my mind rest. Without crypto charts I don’t win, I’m lousy at repeating.

Yeah, the Tesla Competition was hard. At the first 3 days I had zero points. Then I earned a lot of points, then there were some another bad days, then some good. then a lot points and after that another bad days, it was a Russian mountain. The last day I was eliminated in 11 round and earned only one point. It was very poor. I remember I was talking with jcmontyyy. And I said a big “thank you” for his support and then the miracle happened. After counting all the points from the whole month of Tesla Competition, I became the winner of the 1st place! My joy was huge. I had never felt a tear of joy.

I would like a little independence for the Qorpo Wallet. Many users are afraid to have their earnings in it, because if you lose the TRM account, you lose access to the funds in the wallet.

TRM2 looks very exciting, the graphics and design attest to the good work that has been done by the developers and managers of this amazing project. TRM or TRM2? I think everyone is going to the one of these two projects where they can get the most benefits.

My favorite TradeRacer is DennBroMM😅 I admire many things. For example the racers who can change fuel for 5 cars in 30 seconds and always with the best combinations. Also the others to have winning combinations and they get good incomes and also the ones who are constant and sacrificing.. For me Clay deserves special recognition for demonstrating and achieving a high level at all times.

I said it a long time ago: Fight. In TRM, everything is possible.

Thank you Jose539 for your time and for this amazing interview! We believe that you are the inspiration for a lot of TradeRacers. Wish you all the best! See you again next week.