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Crypto Citizen introduces a new era of rule & earn gaming in NFT Metaverse. Set your destiny in the Metropolit city taking place in the year 2101 on the verge of technological revolution! MMO world of CryptoCitizen allows you to live your dreams to the fullest. Establish a profitable business, build your factories, ride the hottest cars or visit the most lucrative clubs.

All of that in an open world Metaverse, whether you plan to get your hands dirty or enjoy the luxury of capitalism. Take the advantage of a modular building system and transform your ideas into reality in a monetized sphere of the cryptocurrency world.

Respect is earned, not given. Take advantage of the unique reward system and get yourself to the top of citizen rankings! Join the nobles either by owning the exclusive citizen ID or by governing the city through the never-seen-before game economics model of CCASH, which brings you to the aristocracy of Metropolit city. CCASH represents a means to govern the Metropolit. It’s your choice if you plan to secure it legally, or not.


QORPO ID is a safe storing & staking solution, gaming launchpad, and a place for regular NFT drops. QORPO ID is integrating all products together in one place for a seamless and easy-to-use experience. It will also fulfill all the functions of a digital wallet and it will be the key to all the company’s products and platforms, including TRM 2, Crypto Citizen, and QORPO Market — one login to every platform.

🤩 Crypto Citizen+ QORPO ID Benefits

Register for QORPO ID and become the true Crypto Citizen in the Metaverse. QORPO ID will serve as your login into the Crypto Citizen and the other mentioned games and platforms of QORPO. This solution will provide easy and fast access to all users.

QORPO ID will also contain wallet features, so you can safely store and stake $IOI or $CCASH tokens at the same time! Receive competitive APY with QORPO ID staking. For instance, imagine you got 20,000 $CCASH inside Crypto Citizen and you want to stake them. In this case, you can just transfer tokens directly to QORPO ID and receive rewards on regular basis.

You can take part in regular drops of gaming NFTs from Crypto Citizen as well as Trade Race Manager 2 (TRM 2). QORPO ID will also serve as a gaming launchpad, where different kinds of metaverse and play-to-earn games will have their initial launch.

🤓 Summary: QORPO ID

  • will serve as a login to all platforms
  • is a safe storing solution for QORPO tokens & NFTs
  • provides staking solutions with competitive APY
  • will offer regular NFT drops
  • will be a gaming launchpad


QORPO is an international company & gaming studio with 100+ employees focusing on web 3 and connecting gaming with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. QORPO is a metaverse leader in central Europe currently building the most complete ecosystem with 4 products to be fully live in 2022 — Trade Race Manager 2, Crypto Citizen, QORPO Market and QORPO ID.

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