This NFT Racing Game Successfully Finished Its Beta Test!

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As usual, there are several important news that you may have missed, so check out our report to be in the picture of what happened in the last week.

👋 Will Smith Forced Us Into This…

🎁 Crypto Citizen Giveaway

Do you want to join the giveaway for 3 Crypto Citizen NFTs and 200 USDT? The giveaway is running until the 5th of April, so you still got some time! Join here.

🏎️ TRM 2 Beta 2.0 Finished

Trade Race Manager 2 is officially finishing its second Beta Test on 01/04/2022. Racers earned around 170,000 $IOI tokens and a lot of cool NFTs! If you want to know more about this Beta Test, read this article. TRM 2 will be offline for a few weeks but don’t worry. When TRM 2 comes back, it will be better than ever before!

🎙️ Crypto Citizen Podcast

The first alpha test of Crypto Citizen is behind us and the second alpha test is happening soon. There’s a listing of CyberCash planned in the near future. There are many giveaways for our community as well. The CEO Rastislav Bakala and the CMO of Crypto Citizen talked about all of these events on the podcast. If you missed the podcast, there will be a recording of it on our YouTube channel.

🎉 District 10 Nightclub

Crypto Citizen is being developed 24/7 by the best team of developers and it will contain 10 districts in total. One of our latest developments is District 10, called the Nightclub! Have you ever gotten drunk in the metaverse and then got in a fight? We’ll show you the true metaverse gaming experience very soon.

🤩QORPO Team In Dubai — Binance Blockchain Week

The leaders of QORPO have been at the conference in Dubai, called Binance Blockchain Week. It’s been a very insightful experience as the biggest blockchain developers and leaders talked about the future of this industry. Now we’ll implement what we have learned.

✍🏻 Crypto Citizen PRs

Crypto Citizen has been featured in one of the most prominent online magazines in the world, such as Benzinga, YahooFinance, MarketWatch, Nasdaq, etc. The list goes on…and Crypto Citizen will continue by pushing on!

IOI Token Technical Analysis

The IOI token chart has been very organic last month after a tough correction cycle that hit the entire GameFi sector. 90% of tokens recorded an almost identical course, but the IOI has been significantly holding the area of created support for the last 2 weeks. A round bottom pattern is created in the chart, which often ends the cycle and sets a new one.

In addition, the fact that almost $20,000,000 has been able to be converted to daily volumes in the last 2 weeks is very bullish. This could indicate a significant accumulation of big players who see and appreciate the current sale on the price of this project. If the price develops as in the last few days and the volume remains the same, it will not be a problem for IOI Token to break through $1.


QORPO is an international company & gaming studio with 100+ employees focusing on web 3 and connecting gaming with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. QORPO is a metaverse leader in central Europe currently building the most complete ecosystem with 4 products to be fully live in 2022 — Trade Race Manager 2, Crypto Citizen, QORPO Market and QORPO ID.

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QORPO is an international game studio focusing on connecting gaming with Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs. Main Products-QORPO ID, Market, TRM 2 & Crypto Citizen.

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