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👊 Upcoming Alpha Test 1.0 For PvP Fights

The first-ever Alpha Test is coming in the middle of April for PvP Fights in Crypto Citizen. Now you can use your Fighters and Bosses NFTs to participate in the game and use your gaming skills to win! This Alpha Test will be running simultaneously with the second Alpha Test of Drag Races.

🏎️ Upcoming Alpha Test 2.0 For Drag Races

The second Alpha Test for Drag Races is almost here! It will be launched with PvP Fights at the same time, so you can choose to play what you prefer at a certain moment. If you partook in the first Alpha Test, you know how amazing it was. Now, there will be more rewards and a better gaming experience for our community as we fixed some bugs! Start your engines, we are launching soon!

🎙️ AMA With The CEO Of Crypto Citizen & Venly

Rastislav Bakala, The CEO of Crypto Citizen & QORPO had AMA (ask me anything) with Venly about the QORPO ecosystem and details about the upcoming Alpha Tests for Crypto Citizen. Rastislav talked about the game development and there were many listeners who had dozens of questions. If you missed out on this AMA, make sure to watch our social channels to notice the next one!

📰 CCASH Review Made By NFT World News

As mentioned above, Crypto Citizen has several upcoming Alpha Tests and as a result, there’s also IDO coming. The long-awaited CCASH IDO will happen soon, and exchange listings will follow. Stay tuned, it’s happening very soon!

🌕 $IOI To The Moon

$IOI got among the TOP projects with a fully diluted market cap under $35 million and with multi-million dollar trading volumes on a weekly basis.

📈 $IOI Token technical analysis

The $IOI token chart looks very positive for the third week in a row. Since the last low was created more than a month ago, the price has been able to maintain a bullish momentum and we are following a slightly growing trend. This whole structure may indicate a large accumulation phase before a potential new trend is created.

Again, the token points out that it has been able to produce more than $10,000,000 in daily volumes in the last 7 days. This number is very high for a low-cap token, and we get to the numbers that the token showed during the last bull run. In addition, each week there is a large wick in the chart, which indicates a huge purchase at the market price, which may indicate the interest of large players to accumulate a token at the bottom of the cycle.


QORPO is an international company & gaming studio with 100+ employees focusing on web 3 and connecting gaming with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. QORPO is a metaverse leader in central Europe currently building the most complete ecosystem with 4 products to be fully live in 2022 — Trade Race Manager 2, Crypto Citizen, QORPO Market and QORPO ID.

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QORPO is an international game studio focusing on connecting gaming with Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs. Main Products-QORPO ID, Market, TRM 2 & Crypto Citizen.