TRM 2 Is Officially Launching On Jan 16

Trade Race Manager (TRM) announced big news at the end of 2021. The first version of the game has been officially shut down from 1.1. 2022 and it got replaced by a better version — TRM 2. There were some necessary technical updates to be done while TRM 2 was replacing TRM 1, however, the Beta Version of TRM 2 will officially start working on January 16, 2022.

What you should know before playing

Everything will work in TRM 2 as it worked in TRM 1 but there will be many more features and possibilities connected to playing the game. Moreover, there are other great opportunities to earn $IOI! Let’s have a look at all the important updates.

Firstly the beneficial updates and then the technical ones!

While Alpha Test offered $IOI demo balance, the Beta Testing phase will offer a real balance. That means you can actually make real $IOI tokens by racing now! Besides being a rich racer, you can also become a team manager or a team owner. That’s right. You can own a racing track and earn passive income as any other business owner would. If you prefer racing, there will be regular NFT car drops of special editions every month!

TRM 2 tournament

Roles In TRM 2

As a team manager, you can manage a team, moderate a team chat, push notifications and choose the trading strategies for your team. If you want to become a manager, you must own 1,000 $IOI tokens and you will make 10% out of the undivided race prize pool if anyone from the team wins!

A team owner can create a team for 1,000 $IOI tokens and build it from a scratch. As an owner, you can do everything that a manager can but you are the one to choose managers. Moreover, owners earn 20% out of the undivided race prize pool if anyone from the team wins.

As a racer, you can enter a team totally for free now! The best racers earn tens of $IOI tokens daily no problem! There’s a leaderboard change that tracks your score depending on the number of races and tournaments you won. This new update will maximize your possible earnings in the game.

Amazing In-Game Updates

There are 6 new racing tracks that you can race called Eastern Block, Desert, Cybercity, Sea Bridge, Arctic, and a real-world looking Race Track. They are graphically so advanced that you will never get tired of playing. The game will contain new tournaments, better pricing, and other new in-game features.

TRM 2 race track

You can play 4 tournaments per day and winners will split 64 $IOI. The easiest way to win is betting 90% on one cryptocurrency that you’re sure you can predict and set the other two cryptos at 5% (you must bet on 3 different cryptocurrencies to start). If that one big bet works out, you should be among the winners!

We will also offer NFT drops of special car editions on regular basis consisting of JDM, Italian, German, American and Classical collections. However, the NFT drops will always be consisting of different cars with a limited quantity! Watch our Twitter if you don’t want to miss important NFT drops. You can use a unique chance to buy the last pieces of Genesis 0 NFT car editions from TRM 1 too.

Technical Updates

Old Users

If you took part in Alpha Testing, you should know that your account is permanently deleted. If you want to log in to TRM 2, you can do that with your original email/nickname and password from TRM 1 or QORPO Wallet.

You can find all your assets (NFTs & $IOI tokens) in your QORPO Wallet and when TRM 2 goes live, you can transfer them back to TRM 2

New Users

You will have the possibility to register for QORPO ID which will give you access to all QORPO products, including QORPO Market, TRM 2, QORPO Wallet and CyberTrade. QORPO ID will be live soon, however, to start playing now just go to TRM 2 website, register at the top right corner and download the game.

Furthermore, the mobile app for TRM is in the development stage and you will be able to play it while traveling to work, waiting for a friend or while lying in the bed!

Important Note

You won’t be able to withdraw your NFTs from TRM 2 when you deposit them into your account for a while but you don’t have to worry. This is just a temporary measure and your NFTs will be only locked for a short period. You will be able to move your assets freely when the QORPO ID system goes live in a few weeks.


  • TRM 2 is officially replacing TRM 1 and Beta Version is now live
  • your $IOI token balance is real
  • besides being a rich racer, you can also be a team manager or a team owner
  • TRM 2 will offer new tournaments, better pricing, new racing tracks and more
  • there will be regular NFT drops of special car editions with a limited quantity
  • the account from Alpha Test is permanently deleted
  • log in to TRM 2 with your data from TRM 1 or QORPO Wallet (or with QORPO ID soon)
  • the mobile app for TRM is in the development phase
  • if you deposit your assets to TRM 2, you won’t be able to withdraw them until QORPO ID is live

Trade Race Manager 2

Trade Race Manager 2 (TRM 2) is a Trade Racing Simulator where players race and earn $IOI tokens in the process. TRM 2 is a revolutionary 3D racing game with a graphically-intense environment. TRM 2 is the next generation of P2E NFT gaming with its own Metaverse and endless possibilities.

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