TRM2: Rich Racer Epic NFT Drop

Trade Race Manager 2 (TRM 2) has just recently started the Alpha Testing phase which you can still join and be amongst people who will split winning prizes worth 10,000 $IOI (more than $40,000). Additionally, people will get free NFTs. Don’t hesitate and read more info about it here.

Epic NFT Drop

TRM 2: Rich Racer is dropping a limited number of 200 epic tier NFT cars which are the most valuable ones before legendary cars. The drop is happening exclusively on the Opensea marketplace on December 2nd at 3 PM UTC time (in Ethereum) and you can buy an eEpic edition of NFT cars before everybody else for a special price.

The original price for Epic tier NFT cars is $7,500 (more than 1.3 ETH).
Right now, the price for Reptile TRM2 NFT car is only $800 (0.17 ETH) and players can win this amount by playing in just one month (in IOI tokens). That’s 100% ROI in only 1 month! Exclusively on OpenSea marketplace.

Epic tier REPTILE

Original price: $800
Pieces: 200
Usage: TRM2 : Rich Racer
About this NFT: Exclusive limited edition of TRM2 NFT which is perfect for players who like rare collection of NFTs and want to earn $IOI without in-vesting much into it.

Don’t wait up and check out the collection on Opensea right now! Find TRM 2 NFTs here.

You can buy this limited edition of Epic tier NFT cars and play in TRM 2 to earn IOI tokens in the process. All you need to do is actively play the races and tournaments and thanks to our reward system, you can get your investment back in just one month in IOI tokens.

Why TRM 2 & IOI Token

TRM 2: Rich Racer is the most graphically evolved racing game out there in the play-to-earn (p2e) scheme, and while you can have fun racing, you can also earn income by being a part of the community building the best car racing gaming ecosystem.

All your earnings will be paid out in IOI tokens which is a native cryptocurrency for TRM 2 and Qorpo market. IOI only has a market cap of around $30 million, so if you race and hodl your earnings, you may withdraw much bigger profits in the future if the market cap continues to grow.

Make sure to follow Trade Race Manager on social platforms to don’t miss this great event!


There are many NFTs out there right now. However, buying TRM 2 NFTs can actually make you regular income in IOI tokens if you race regularly. Don’t miss this great opportunity and get epic NFT cars for special prices exclusively on December 2 at 3 PM UTC time! Earn 100% ROI in only 1 month and make others wonder how you did that!

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QORPO is an international game studio focusing on connecting gaming with Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs. Main Products-QORPO ID, Market, TRM 2 & Crypto Citizen.

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QORPO is an international game studio focusing on connecting gaming with Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs. Main Products-QORPO ID, Market, TRM 2 & Crypto Citizen.

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