Win Grand Prizes In A New TRM 2 NFT Tournament

NFT Tournaments Details

We are doing regular NFT tournaments, so $IOI tokens are not your only possible reward. Take part in the special NFT tournament and win cars from common, super and epic tiers, each worth hundreds of $IOI! Get ready because the competition is fierce and you gotta give it all if you want to win.

10 best players will win and earn NFT cars from the above-mentioned tiers, which can be used to earn more $IOI tokens by racing, or sold on the marketplace. All of these cars are a Classical Collection edition. The Tournament starts on the 1st March and it will take place every day at 2 p.m. UTC for the whole month until the 31st March. Race hard or die trying. Find the rules to join below.

DOWNLOAD TRM 2 on Windows, Mac or Android

How To Join TRM 2 NFT Tournament

  1. Register at
  2. Have or buy TRM 2 NFT to join
  3. You can join the tournament with 5 NFT cars at the same time using 1 account and 1 NFT from each tier — 5 maximum (1x Common, 1x Super, 1x Epic, 1x Legendary, 1x Special). The more NFTs you use in the race, the bigger the chance to win and score points.
  4. There will be 31 races from which you can get points according to the points system shown below. Race every day at a special NFT tournament to earn as many points as possible.
  5. The tournament will take place EVERY day in our TRM 2 App at 2:00 p.m. UTC!
  6. Check your progress in the NFT tournament leaderboard
  7. Prizes for the best 10 racers at the end of the competition will be selected according to the score points.


1st: Epic tier NFT car worth 600 $IOI

2nd-5th: Super tier NFT car worth 400 $IOI

6th-10th: Common tier NFT car worth 200 $IOI

GEN 1 NFTs Details

  • Common tier NFT car is called Cargador and its average daily winnings are around 15 $IOI tokens. There are 200 Cargador NFTs minted in total.
  • Super tier NFT car is called Memphis and its average daily winnings are around 30 $IOI tokens. There is a predetermined amount of 500 Memphis NFTs.
  • Epic tier NFT car is called Jaguar GT and its average daily winnings are around 45 $IOI tokens. There are only 250 of these NFTs in total.

DOWNLOAD TRM 2 on Windows, Mac or Android

About Trade Race Manager 2

Trade Race Manager 2 (TRM 2) is a Trade Racing Simulator where players race and earn $IOI tokens in the process. TRM 2 is a revolutionary 3D racing game with a graphically-intense environment. This game is the next generation of Play&Earn gaming with its own Metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrency ($IOI) and endless gaming possibilities.

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